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Water Softeners in Middletown, NY

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Hard water brings a multitude of problems. Although hard water isn’t harmful to drink, it can be incredibly harmful to your home’s plumbing and any appliances that use water such as your dishwasher and clothes washer. Not to mention the unsightly hard water deposits that it leaves on your countertops, glasses, showers, and bathtubs.

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At Quality Heating & Cooling, we install and repair whole house water softeners that’ll fix the problems caused by hard water in your home. Contact us to learn more about this service today.

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Water Softener Installation

Are you fed up with having to deal with all the negative things that accompany having hard water in your home? We’re talking hard water deposits on your dishes, fixtures, and silverware. Clothing that feels like it isn’t as clean as it should be. Nasty soap scum or limescale on your bathtubs and showers. Dry skin and brittle nails and hair. Kick hard water to the curb with a whole house water softener. Not only will it eliminate these issues, it’s a major investment in protecting your home’s plumbing from the damaging effects of hard water.

Water Softener Replacement

When you notice your water softener system isn’t working properly, it’ll be readily apparent. Our professional, skilled team can recommend the perfect water softener replacement system. We’ll install it and then test it to make sure it’s working as it should. You can always count on us for honest estimates and a strong work ethic in Middletown, NY. That’s what you get when you hire Quality Heating & Cooling.

Water Softener Repair

Whether you need water softener repair to fix a faulty system, or water softener maintenance to ensure your system runs for as long as possible, count on us for prompt services that won’t break the bank.

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