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Air Conditioning Repair in Middletown, NY

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Is your air conditioner making some odd noises? Has the quality of its performance gone downhill, or worse, has it broken down completely? For prompt AC repairs that won’t break the bank, we’re the team to call. Our EPA-certified technicians have extensive experience with AC repair and will diagnose and fix the problem with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

  • Quality services at affordable prices
  • We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity
  • We’re there when you need us, 24/7

At Quality Heating & Cooling, we offer 24/7 services because we know breakdowns rarely happen when it’s convenient. You can trust us to restore your home’s comfort levels with air conditioning repair that’ll restore your peace of mind.

It's not a Quality job, unless it has our Quality seal.


Central AC Repair

When you need central AC repair, you need it fast. The signs that you need repairs can include a system that’s short cycling, a loss of cooling power, low airflow, odd noises, and unusually high energy bills. Ignoring these issues will only make them worse which is why you should stop searching for "AC repair near me" and give us a call. Our team always listens to our customers’ needs and we’ll inform you of your repair options so you can make the best choice for your home and budget.

Ductless AC Repair

When the zone control you’ve come to depend on isn’t there for you anymore, you’ll notice it immediately. A common issue with these units stems from improper, amateur installation. Other problems include refrigerant leaks, condensate leaks, condensate drain clogs, and issues with the blower fan or reversing valve. Our license and insured technicians have the expertise and experience required to get your system back to effortless cooling and heating.

Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump may seem like it’ll work forever, but these systems are still subject to repair needs. Some common heat pump repair needs include problems with the reversing valve, refrigerant leaks, icing on the outdoor condenser, and electrical failures. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us 24/7 in Middletown, NY whenever you need repairs for your system.

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