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4 Common Furnace Issues You’ll Encounter Quality

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There’s nothing more inconvenient–and potentially dangerous–than your furnace breaking down during a cold spell. When your furnace’s performance is suffering, it’ll tell you. Signs of a furnace that’s struggling to do its job include unusual noises, low airflow, low heating output, and uneven heating.

It’s essential to pay attention to these indicators of a struggling furnace to keep these minor issues from turning into a major nightmare. We’ll give you an honest opinion and competitively priced estimate for any furnace repair you may need. We’re familiar with the complexities of all heating systems and the things that can go wrong. Let’s go over 4 common furnace issues you’re likely to encounter as a homeowner.

1. Inadequate Airflow

Does it seem like your furnace isn’t getting your home warm enough, quickly enough? You used to enjoy a furnace that quickly and efficiently heated your home and now it’s taking forever to do the same job. 

The first way to check for airflow issues is to simply put your hand in front of one of the vents. You should feel a strong, steady flow of hot air from the vents. 

If it’s not, the first thing to check is the air filter. If it’s dirty and clogged, this hinders your furnace’s ability to have a strong airflow output. Change the filter and see if that alleviates the problem. If that doesn’t do it, the blower fan could be struggling to push heated air through your ductwork. Give us a call to schedule service. You don’t want to keep paying for your furnace to run if it can’t deliver the hot air to your home.

2. Cold Air Instead of Hot

Just as bad as weak airflow is when the air coming out of the vents is cold instead of hot! A furnace that’s sending cold air into your home could be caused by a number of issues such as an improper thermostat setting, a dirty air filter, a faulty fan limit switch, or something else entirely. Contact us to restore your furnace’s heating output.

3. Uneven Heating 

The “V” in HVAC stands for ventilation and this facet of home comfort is often neglected. Sometimes your home’s ductwork is causing the problem, not your furnace. Leaks, holes, and tears in ductwork can reduce the distribution of heat to the rooms of your home. If you notice your utility bills are higher than usual and can feel cold spots in certain rooms, it could be an issue with your ductwork.

4. Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your furnace repeatedly turns itself on and off without completing a heating cycle. This can happen for many different reasons. The important thing to know about short cycling is that not only does it keep your home from reaching your desired temperature, but it’s also incredibly hard on the furnace. This is an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. 

Contact Quality Heating & Cooling today for furnace repair in Middletown, NY. It’s not a Quality job, unless it has our Quality seal. 

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